Yoni egg exercises are often used to learn to feel and control your pelvic floor muscles. According to experts, yoni energy can be felt there aswell. If you have heard about Yoni Massage , your pelvis is the center of your life energy and inspires a happy life. 

Yoni eggs can also help with your posture. Your pelvis carries your body and is therefore often compared to a shell. So you walk upright through your pelvis, literally and figuratively! So it is not only a physical force center, but can also contain your personal power emotionally and spiritually.


With yoni eggs and yoni products it is important that you work with clean stones. That's why you clean the egg before your first session. You clean a yoni egg with water with every use. Of course you don't want to introduce unwanted bacteria! Moreover, a gemstone is a natural product and therefore not sterile.

Yoni Eggs


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